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Our Story

Located in the heart of the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie district and in Verdun, La Bêtise is the answer from four friends who were wondering how to enhance the pleasures of food and good wine. The bar-lounge-tapas formula was designed to offer culinary enthusiasts an extraordinary evening: explosive tapas for all kinds of palettes, inventive main dishes, an elaborate and original wine list and cocktails.

We offer up the opportunity to share and explore classics adapted to fine dining in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a good time. The restaurant will surely be perfect location service for you to get into some trouble!

Our Executive Chef


Albert-Hoang Leclair

Executive chef

Executive Chef of La Bêtise for a year and a half, where I got the mention of the most original poutine of 2017 poutine week and the best burger of 2018 according to judges burger week. I have nearly 10 years of experience in the restaurant business.

I graduated from the hotellière school of Laval in March 2013 thanks to university essay writing services, the city where I grew up. After graduation, I worked in several restaurant styles to look for my own style. I worked in French bistros, brasseries, steaks house, sushi restaurant and a Spanish restaurant with a chef who changed my vision of cooking and who pushed me to be the chef that I am today.

I have always had a weakness for comfort food and even street food I think is a good simple dish that, when well executed, is always more satisfactory than any dish that we define as “gastronomic” in Montreal. I have also always had an attraction to Asian food due to my Vietnamese origins. I have always loved bringing Asian flavors to more classic Quebec and French dishes. This reflects a lot the “vibe” of La Bétise.